For Sale

  • DF95. $ 300. Contact John Cameron at 714-842-7171.

  • Nirvana, $50. Local pick up only; no shipping. For details contact Pete at 949-748-7492.

  • Micro Magic - Selling price  $350.00. No shipping. Local pick up only. Dick Johnson
  • RC Sailboat Heritage EC 12 Meter, Kitted by Dumas boats.
    Includes, sailboat, sails, sail box for transport, stand, assembly manual, Futaba radio and charger. 
    Length 58.5 inches.
    Width 11 inches.
    Mast height 72 inches.
    Weight 22 LBS.
    Current radio is 72.960 MHz could be changed to 2.4g.
    Sailboat, sails and sail box is in great condition.
    $450.00. Click here for photos.
    Contact me, Paul, at       
  • T37 hand built from Tippencanoe boats $900.00. Contact Glenn Krumbine for details at either 951-789-0787 or

  • A non-member at the pond today has a Mary J Ward for sale. $350 including a 6i radio. Pete reports that it has all the gingerbread with nothing missing and has been modified to have a flat bottom. Don't have a name but the party can be reached at (949)837-6645.

  • Catamaran built from kit. Everything except batteries. Asking $250. Contact Fred Gebhardt either via telephone 949-857-4252 or e-mail


    • 43 back issues of AMYA 'magazine' are for sale. Purchased from AMYA for the building, racing and tuning articles and some for general history. Of particular interest would be the current racing rules analysis, tactics and trim analysis. These are for sale as one "set", priced well below their cost. Asking $150 for all 43 copies - thats about $3.50 each. Call Rick at 949-852-0921.