Region 6 MM Regatta

Photos contributed by Bob Schumacher

From: "Shoe" Schumacher
Sent: Saturday, November 27, 2010 5:56 PM
To: Micro Magic Class Owners Association
Cc: OCMSC Secretary
Subject: Micro Magic Region 6 Championship Regatta

Hi Andy,
It was a great regatta without a single protest or even a mean word uttered by anyone to anyone. Amazing! Below is a short note about it and a photo of the winners. 
13 Skippers, 9 from California and 4 from Arizona competed in the First Region 6 Micro Magic Championship Regatta at Mason Park, CA, home of the Orange County Model Sailing Club. 16 races were held in light to ideal conditions.  Larry Grant won, followed by Jeff Weiss 2nd, Don Frakes 3rd, Bob "Shoe" Schumacher 4th and Mike Eades 5th. Fred Rocha, well known for runnning IOM Regattas on the West Coast, did his usual superb job as the Micro Magic Race Director. 
Results for the entire field were received from Larry Grant and are shown below:
1 Larry Grant       29
2 Jeff Weiss 40
3 Don Frakes 42
4 Bob Schumacher 48
5 Mike Eades 72
6 Al Stiewing 73
7 Richard Frauenzimmer      80
8 Bob Smith 80
9 Dave Nydell 95
10 Al Robertson 99
11 Erwin de  Roggenbuke      99
12 Steve Sherry 120
13 Scott Rubke 124
Pictures taken by Don Bryant can be seen here