MM Points Races

The points races for 2013 have been completed. Congratulations to the winners.

Place Skipper Points
1st Don Frakes 32
2nd Bob Schumacher 46
3rd Pete Kruse 50

 March 24, Points Race 1

Nine skippers competed in this first race of the season for the Micro Magic class. Only eight of the nine skippers were boat owners though. Shoe was kind enough to loan me (Fred) one of the two boats he brought. I think he may have had an ulterior motive. heretofore when he loaned it out he claimed to have been bested. He was safe this time.

Congratulations to Don, Shoe and Rich for their first, second and third place finishes for the day. There was excitement in places four through six which were separated by only one point. Results for the entire field are shown below:

Click on the thumbnail to enlarge.

Thanks to Pete Kruse for conducting the event.

May 26, Points Race 2

July 28, Points Race 3

September 29, Points Race 4

November24, Points Race 5

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