US1M Points Races

Photos contributed by Fred Bock Treasurer

The points races for 2013 have been completed.  Congratulations to the winners.

Place Skipper Points
1st Bob Smith 61
2nd Paul Desatoff 69
3rd Bob Schumacher 73


Points Race 1, February 9

It was a clear but chilly (58°) day and I was hoping for a light turnout so that I could have a podium finish. It was not to be as eleven competitors had boats in the water for the start of the first race. Initially winds were very light prompting a call for an early lunch. However, they freshened sufficiently to get the usual four races in before the break. The rest of the day was up and down but Larry Grant mastered the conditions for a convincing first place finish. Paul Desatoff and Shoe rounded out the top three with their second and third place finishes, respectively.

Thanks to John Cameron for conducting the event and to John Wencel for assisting.

Results for the entire field are shown below:

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Points Race 2, April 20

Points Race 3, June 8

Points Race 4, August 10

Points Race 5, October 12

Thanks to John Cameron for doing all the math.