US12 Points Races

Photos contributed by Fred Bock Treasurer

The points races for 2013 have been completed. The finishes were quite close. Only two points separated first and second. Congratulations to the winners.

Place Skipper Points
1st Don Frakes 22
2nd Pete Kruse 24
3rd Bob Schumacher 37


Points Race 1, January 12

This event, on a chilly winter day, kicked off the 2013 season. Six skippers competed. Bragging rights for the day go to Shoe, Pete and Don for their first second and third place finishes. Results for the entire field are shown below:

Click on the thumbnail above to enlarge.

Points Race 2, May 4

A blow out.

Points Race 3, July 13

Points Race 4, August 31

Points Race 5, December 7

Canceled due to rain.

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