V32 Points Races

The points races for 2013 have been completed. The finishes were quite close. Only two points separated first and second. Congratulations to the winners.

Place Skipper Points
1st Pete Kruse 39
2nd Don Frakes 41
3rd Bob Schumacher 50


Points Race 1, February 24

We had 12 skippers and a thirteenth entry, Santa Ana as in winds. And Santa Ana dominated. Many times one wasn't even able to tack. To add to the excitement there were two de-mastings, several submarining boats and one sinking. Boats were heeled over so far at times that hatches were partially under water. Ron Lange's boat took on so much water that it sank. A dramatic resue by Pete and David allowed Ron to go home with a soggy but physically intact craft, electronics perhaps excepted.

The full 12 races were not completed but of those that competed in all that were run Ron came in first, Shoe; second and Tony; third. Results for the entire field are shown below:

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Points Race 2, April 28

Points Race 3, June 30

Thanks to David Adame and Louis Alvarez for conducting the event.

Points Race 4, August 25

Points Race 5, October 27

Louis Alvarez
1 Photo  2/25/13
Fred Bock Treasurer
9 Photos  8/25/13