Soling 1M

The points races for 2014 have been completed. Congratulations to the winners.

Place Skipper Points
1st Don Frakes 35
2nd Bob Schumacher 43
3rd Rich Frauenzimmer 56


March 15, Points Race 1

A great day and we were joined by two new members, Don and Ron, sailing their first points race. Thanks to Sal for conducting the event and thanks to Laura for assisting.

June 28, Points Race 2

Thanks to John Cameron for conducting the event and to Laura Crider for assisting.

August 15, Points Race 3

Thanks to Laura Crider for conducting the event.

September 20, Points Race 4

Thanks to Don Frakes, Sal Acquisto and John Owsinski for each conducting a portion of the event.

October 15, Points Race 5

Canceled. Several skippers were unable to get into the park because of a large event that partially blocked roads in the area and completely blocked the entrance to the park.