Dragon Force Points Races

Points Race 1, March 25

Points Race 2, May 28

Canceled due to low water level.

Points Race 3, July 30

There was a young man taking photos at the pond today. I gave him the club e-mail address and asked if he'd send them to me. I've uploaded a few of them and while they are his pictures they are attributed to me. His e-mail forwarding the pictures is below. Do check out his sailboat.

Hi all,

Today I took some pictures of your sail race. I'm not a photographer, I just like to sail in my sailboat in Rio de Janeiro and study about photography, but I'm beginner in photos. The other part of photos are going in a second email and together I will send a photo of my sailboat. 

All the best, 


Points Race 4, September 24

Points Race 5, November 26

Paul Hart
6 Photos  4/4/17
Fred Bock Treasurer
14 Photos  7/31/17