Dragon Flite Points Races

Points Race 1, February 24

Points Race 2, April 26

Points Race 3, June 30

Points Race 4, August 25

Points Race 5, October 20

Don's report on the day:

Here are the results for the DF95 regatta.  I just have to say that this regatta was fun, very competitive and a shining example of what a regatta should be. Penalties went unquestioned and turns were completed.

I made it clear in the meeting that the RD was going to call all fouls to which he was a witness.  And Hal did a great job!

Mike has arrived. He sailed a very strong race and deserved the accolades he received at the pond.  The OC boys did well against those SD boys. It was real scrappy racing.

John Owsinski
10 Photos  4/30/18
Don Crider
15 Photos  7/1/18