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  • Tuning Tips from Don Frakes

    Lots of people have been asking if there is a method to tuning their boat. I have included a tuning wheel which is the method I use to tune all of my boats.

    Tuning Tips from Don Frakes

     I also have included Bob Stern’s article on "How To Sail Fast"

    I was thinking that we could add these bits of info to our web site for easy access.

    This is the info that will sort everyone's boat out and greatly increase their boat’s performance.

    Being a fast skipper is 75% tune and 20% skill with 5% luck. Knowledge is speed. Let’s make our club more knowledgeable!

  • Swede Johnson's How To Booklet:

  • V32 Instructions:

  • V32 Mods:

  • Video for tuning the Soling 1 M.